Undergraduate Economics Research Society

The Econometrics Game

This year's econometrics game will be held on Saturday, April 9 from 10:00 am to 11:59pm at The University of Chicago's Saieh Hall (5757 S. University Ave., Chicago). On the day of the competition, participating teams are given a dataset and 14 hours to devise and answer a question of economic importance, and then write a comprehensive research paper. Two teams with the best papers are then selected to present their findings in front of a panel of judges. Last year, the panel included multiple Nobel Prize winners. Final presentations for the top two teams will be held on Friday, April 15 from 6:00pm-8:30pm. In addition to a dinner with the judges, the top team will receive Ipads. The second place team will receive kindles. Interested teams should sign up by filling out this survey. The topic from last year was childhood obesity, and the data provided to participants was from the MEPS Database. Any further questions should be emailed here. Click here to download poster.

About The Club

Oeconomica is the undergraduate research society at the University of Chicago. We apply the tools of economic theory and statistical analysis to research projects on topics of interest to University of Chicago undergraduate students. In addition to conducting original research, we organize events on campus with professors, debate and discuss the latest topics in economics and the social sciences, and host the Econometrics game in the spring.

Sylvia Klosin


Naoko Takeda

Vice President

Cameron Taylor

Research Director

Mary Vansuch


Johnny Ma

Research Director

Adam Sudit

Events Director

Yigit Akemir

Econometrics Game Director

Nicole Gorton

Publicity Director

Mike Dzitko



One of Oeconomica’s main goals is to get undergraduates involved in economic research. To do this, Oeconomica maintains a year-round research program that emphasizes reading and synthesizing important and advanced economic research articles from major journals, acquiring skills necessary for empirical analysis, and also undertaking research projects related to themes that students themselves are passionate about. Oeconomica’s new approach to research is through cohorts. Cohorts are led by two seasoned economics students and are theme driven. The planned tasks for cohorts is to read and produce a literature review for their theme in the fall, learn research method skills in the winter, and undertake a more involved research project in the Spring.

Get Involved

We would love for any interested students to join our club! Please get involved by coming to our events and participating in our research cohorts. Joining our listhost (click here) is a great way to say up to date on Oeconomica events.